European Saddles specialises in the intuitive selection, supply and expert fitting of high-quality saddles from leading European manufacturers. Established by talented, qualified International Master Saddle Fitting Consultant Tiffany Howard, and her mother Jane Howard an active dressage competitor and BD listed judge, European Saddles’ all-encompassing desire is to help improve the movement and posture of horse and rider in partnership.

Tiffany Howard



Involved with training horses since childhood, Tiffany has an intuitive grasp of what helps and what hinders in terms of saddle comfort and function. While much of Tiffany’s time is now occupied by saddle selection and fitting across the country she is still actively involved in the production of the family’s own dressage horses. Increasingly in demand for her talent in assigning the right saddle for competitive partnerships and leisure riders alike, Tiffany still continues to keep up with the latest thinking, trends and training. She regularly attends saddle manufacturers’ product training sessions to ensure clients are presented with the best service and saddle designs available. Click here to see:



With years of competitive riding experience Jane Howard supports the business and its clients on a highly practical level. Riding in the saddles supplied by European Saddles, Jane is able to afford clients with a first-hand opinion of what works well for a given type of horse or competitive discipline. Through the experience of producing her own competition horses, Jane has developed an insight in to horse and rider comfort which extends to improved performance. Jane has also undergone extensive manufacturer product training which combined with her own practical experience offers an understanding of saddle fit and function rarely available within the industry.

Jane Howard

Most riders know when their horse is ‘a little off’ or ‘not quite right’. Adept at getting to the source of a problem Tiffany and Jane are exhaustive in their efforts to get to the root cause of any saddle-fitting issue. Knowing that in today’s competitive world classes are won or lost by split seconds or minor percentage differences, it’s vital to ensure that a saddle contributes to success and does not detract from it.

Whether you’ve got a new horse, your horse has changed shape or you’re moving up a level and need to increase your confidence, European Saddles will ensure you get the right type and style of saddle that not only fits perfectly but also flawlessly perfects performance.



With a business degree under her belt, Tiffany is also a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant (MSFC) – View Details →

Currently in the process of becoming a Society of Master Saddlers Approved Retailer (for which she was invited to join), she spends a great deal of time with physiotherapists, vets and other saddle fitters. An Advanced Prestige, Amerigo and Equipe fitter she has attended all brand specific training courses and is currently studying for the Open College of Equine Studies Level 4 Equine Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Training


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