A saddle is the most expensive single item of tack you will ever need to buy for your horse, so making the right choice is vital. As well as helping your own and your horse’s comfort when riding, the right saddle can also greatly enhance performance.

When buying a saddle, you need to consider:


    Less money does not necessarily mean a poorer quality saddle. The saddle might well be excellent, but then so might others which cost somewhat less. We are here to ensure you get the saddle that’s right for you and your horse, at a price that’s right for your budget. We are very pleased to offer 0% interest finance packages on all of our new saddles (subject to status) with payments split over a period to suit, up to 12 months. Click here for more details.


    Any saddle you choose should be fitted by an expert before purchase. You should also ride in it to ensure it still fits with your weight in the saddle. Young horses and those with increasing workloads will change shape, so this also needs consideration as a new saddle will then need to be checked for correct fit as your horse ages and becomes fitter. A horse’s type and breed can also influence the style of saddle that is most suitable.


    Saddles also need to be fitted to you, the rider. We are all individuals and some of us will find certain designs and sizes more comfortable than others. Common sizes range from between 35cm and 45.7cm. We have a range of brands, styles and sizes to suit all riders and horses and we go to great lengths to ensure the saddle meets all your needs.


    We keep a huge range of saddles in stock with different brands and styles for the different disciplines. You can view our range here.


    There are many variables when it comes to choosing and fitting a saddle for both horse and rider. With many saddle brands and styles to choose from, combined with our saddle fitting proficiency, we are able assess any unevenness, conformation defects or movement problems and choose the right saddle accordingly. Equally, we consider the needs of the rider too. The aim is to ensure that both horse and rider have complete freedom of movement and total confidence, thus providing the best conditions for a combination’s full potential to be realised.


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