As a vital line of communication between you and your horse, your choice of bit can make a huge difference to performance, consistency and comfort. Many ridden issues can be exaggerated or even caused by the use of an incorrect or ill-fitting bit, so making the right choice is vital. Sprenger bits are loved and trusted by a whole host of top level riders who understand that high-quality bits offer the very best expression and communication between horse and rider.

When selecting a bit, you need to consider:


    Every horses’ mouth is shaped differently, and this anatomy needs close consideration when selecting a bit. While the overall size of a bit is important, you must also take into account the overall mouth and tongue size, as well as the height of the palette. How your horse responds to tongue pressure is an important factor in finding the perfect bit too – some will prefer a single joint to a double, while others will be more accepting of a bit with rollers. Sprenger bits are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and widths, from 14mm mouthpieces up to 18mm, in a number of different styles to enable us to select the right match for any horse.


    A youngster or inexperienced horse will need a completely different bit to an established horse that is working at an advanced level. From loose ring snaffles to Pelham’s and Weymouth’s, the Sprenger range has them all. For those of you choosing a bit for a specific discipline, our impressive array ensures we can offer you a selection that are appropriate for your needs and legal to use in competition scenarios.


    Confidence and experience play a massive role in the acceptance and influence a bit has on performance, so it is important to be realistic about your ability in the saddle. Taking all aspects into consideration, we can help match your ability to your horse’s way of going and find a bit that suits you both.


    We understand that you want the best for your horse and like most things, quality usually comes at a cost. When it comes to bits, a higher price usually represents good quality materials that are kinder on the horse and are made to last. All Sprenger bits are manufactured with extensive market knowledge and crafted in collaboration with a dedicated team of experts in medicine, sports, design, and research, so you can be confident in whichever bitting solution you select.


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