Having a new saddle professionally fitted is crucially important for health and comfort and for enhanced performance. It is essential to know what you can expect in terms of the saddle fitting process and the differences between saddle fitting and a saddle check.

What to Expect


  • Our undivided attention and time to find the best saddle for you and your horse.

  • Travelling to you with a full range of demonstration saddles and a good selection of pre-owned saddles. Alternatively, you are welcome to use our facilities.

  • Measuring, templating and assessing your horse’s condition.

  • Assessing which models will suit your individual needs and selecting saddles for you to ride in.

  • A decision on whether we have the best saddle to suit you and your horse or whether alterations and customisations are necessary.

  • Measuring you as a rider, to adapt the blocks and flaps to best suit your individual needs.

  • If we have a saddle in stock that suits both you and your horse then this can be purchased or if you need a saddle that is not in stock this can be ordered and adapted to suit specific requirements.

  • If a new saddle is purchased there is no saddle fitting charge, but a deposit will need to be taken to process the order.


  • We recommend having your saddle checked every six months. If a new saddle is purchased from us you are entitled to one free check within six months of purchase.

  • We will measure, template and assess your horse’s condition.

  • If we have fitted for you before, we will compare the new template against the initial templates.

  • We will check your horse for any soreness or tenderness.

  • We will discuss how you are getting on with your current saddle – assess what is working for you and uncover any issues.

  • We will see the saddle on your horse and when ridden in if necessary.

  • We will take any actions to improve the saddle, if necessary (additional costs may be involved).

What to Expect_2

European Saddles is an approved and authorised Amerigo and Equipe saddle fitter.

We are fully insured, offering a personal and professional service. For just £75 (refundable upon purchase of a new saddle) we will visit your own premises throughout many parts of the south, the midlands and further afield upon arrangement, to check your existing saddle, or fit for a replacement. Please call us to discuss your location. Alternatively, you are welcome to avail yourself of our facilities.


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