Cavalor Resist+ Vit C


Increases resistance and maintains good condition. Resistance is the basis fora healthy and strong body.

Recommended Dosage: Ponies and Young Horses: 30g per day, Sport and Recreational Horses: 45g per day

Size: 2kg and 5kg

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The more a horse is subjected to stress during a competition season (such as frequent transport and staying in unfamiliar surroundings), the more its resistance decreases.  This is especially so for eventing, jumping, racing and endurance horses. These horses bear a higher risk of infection because they have more contact with numerous other horses in different environments and are exposed to wide-ranging  bacterial and viral cultures. This can result in the rapid spread of viruses.  In order to fight and overcome infection, the horse needs to build up its immunity to unfamiliar bacteria and viruses.

Consistent training, good conditioning and time to acclimatise can all help a horse maintain immunity at the necessary level. A very important factor is a responsible feeding program. In periods of fatigue and stress, the body needs more specific nutrients. These include substances that optimize intake and boost the metabolism to ensure ready availability of nutritional elements needed to build up the immune system, fight infection and inhibit allergic reactions.


Cavalor Resist, a feed for nutritional recovery and convalescence, is widely used by professional riders and stables.  It combines specific nutrients in high-grade biological compositions the horse’s body needs, particularly in periods of increased stress, in order to build up and maintain adequate immunity.  Optimal immunity is the best mechanism against viral infection. Horses with strong immunity status are known to be less susceptible to injuries. Cavalor Resist can also be provided as nutritional support in periods of recovery.

Cavalor Resist Contains fatty acids, high levels of vitamin C, additional vitamins, herbs and nucleotides. Cavalor Resist is enriched with Isolated Whey Protein a compound with immunostimulatory properties.


Competition horses: 30- 50g per animal per day (= 2-3 sachets of 17 g)

Ponies and recreation horses: 25 g per animal per day (= 2 sachets of 17 g)

Maximum dose per animal per day: 102 grams (= 6 sachets)

Administer until full recovery is achieved, but for at least 4 weeks.

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