Cavalor Venus


Cavalor Venus supports the hormonal balance in sensitive and moody mares. It supports the regulation of the hormonal cycle and helps to control the temperament of the mare.

Recommended Dosage: Mix with daily feed. Ponies : 2 x 5 ml Horses : 2 x 10 ml

Size: 500ml

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Cavalor Venus is a herbal extract that supports hormonal balance. The product compliments the mare’s natural cycle without blocking it and alleviates the effect of irregular ovulation.


Vitex agnus castus: supports regulation of the cycle and helps to reduce mood swings.

Vitamin B6: positive influence on metabolic processes during the cycle.

Magnesium bisglycinate: has a relaxing effect on the horse.

Oreganum majorana: suppresses typical behavior of oestrus


Mix with daily feed.

Ponies : 2 x 5 ml

Horses : 2 x 10 ml

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