Cavalor Hoof Aid


High dose of biotin and other elements (Vitamin A & D3) to strengthen the quality of hooves. Ideal as maintenance.

Recommended Dosage: Ponies and Recreational Horses and Sports Horses: 30g per day

Size: 800g

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To support the quality of the horse’s hooves and hoof growth.

Cavalor Hoof Aid is a nutritional tool to maintain proper hoof quality and to strengthen the hooves. Preventively, Cavalor Hoof Aid is given to horses that tend to suffer from moderate problems of diminished or poor hoof quality. For horses with very bad hoof quality we recommend Cavalor Hoof Aid Special.


Due to its unique composition, Cavalor Hoof Aid is remarkable for its relatively fast and above all lasting results.  Apart from high-grade biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D3 and zinc have been added (which are important for regular growth and the structure of the hooves). The product also contains the amino acid methionine, which plays an important role in processes related to hoof growth.


Ponies, Recreation Horses and Sport Horses: 30g per day.

Continue the supplementation for at least two months (the effect builds up gradually).

Maximum dose per animal per day: 100g.

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