Cavalor Gastro 8 Paste


The product is ideal for horses suffering from poor appetite due to gastric irritation. Cavalor Gastro 8 paste can be followed up with Cavalor Gastro 8 powder or it can continue to be used for a longer period (1 tube per day).

Recommended Dosage: Days 1 – 5: 2 tubes per day, Days 6 – 10: 1 tube per day. Afterwards use Cavalor Gastro 8 Aid (powder).

Size: Box of 15 50g Syringes

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The nutritional tool to use in gastric ulcer management and gastric ulcer prevention

Every equestrian appreciates the delicate nature of the equine gut. Problems related to the small intestine and large intestine are well understood and routinely treated. What may be surprising is how often the stomach is affected.  The incidence of gastric ulcers is extremely high, particularly in performance horses.

Different studies (post mortem and gastro endoscopic studies) show that 75-89% of horses in active training suffer from gastric ulcers. The major cause of gastric ulcers is prolonged exposure of the squamous mucus to gastric acid. The only protection that the horse’s stomach has against gastric acid and pepsin comes from saliva production. Meals of grain or extended periods of fasting lead to excess gastric acid output without adequate saliva production.

Intense exercise increases the production of gastric acid even more in a way that the squamous mucosa of the stomach gets thoroughly bathed in acid.

Horses with gastric ulcers may show symptoms like a drop in performance; sour attitude; poor hair coat; grinding teeth; picky eater; weight loss, etc. Treatment of ulcers involves either inhibiting gastric acid secretion, neutralizing the acid produced or protecting the squamous mucus from exposure to acid.

Cavalor Gastro 8 provides the nutritional tools to neutralize acid production and stimulates regeneration. It also protects the stomach mucus on different levels using different nutritional approaches (as Cavalor products do).

Can I combine Cavalor Gastro 8 (Paste) with GastroGard®? 

Yes, you can combine Cavalor Gastro 8 (Paste) with Gastrogard without any side effects. GastroGard is a prescription drug that shuts down acid production in the stomach, giving the ulcer time to heal. Cavalor Gastro 8 (Paste) provides factors to help neutralize acid production and stimulate regeneration. The dietary ingredients in Cavalor Gastro 8 (Paste) also help protect the stomach mucus on various levels using different nutritional appraoches. It is important to keep in mind that the incidence of gastric ulcers is extremely high, particularly in performance horses.



Cavalor Gastro 8 contains nucleotides, bioflavonoids, herbs and vitamin U.


Days 1 to 5: 2 tubes per day.

Days 6 to 10: 1 tube per day.

Afterwards continue to follow up with Cavalor Gastro 8 Aid Powder.

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