Cavalor Digest


Ideal for horses with a sensitive digestive system. Promotes and strengthens the intestinal flora.

Recommended Dosage: Ponies: 30g per day, Recreational and Sports Horses: 45g per day.

Size: 800g

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Unique and multidisciplinary approach to optimize digestion and improve gut health

Cavalor Digest improves digestion and restores gut flora, protecting against digestive problems. Furthermore, it binds, traps and inactivates mycotoxins.
Cavalor Digest provides a unique and multidisciplinary approach to optimize digestion and to improve gut health and gut flora by providing a variety of nutrients and nutraceuticals (living yeast culture, herbs, activated carbon, etc.).

Cavalor Digest can also be used in the dietary management of horses associated with gastrointestinal disturbances.


Cavalor Digest contains different active ingredients with different modes of action to increase digestion, improve gut health and gut flora, and reduce the risk of mycotoxicosis.  It contains living yeast cultures both positively influencing digestion and nutrient absorption. Activated carbon and bentonites that act as mycotoxin-binding agents by adsorption on their surface are included to reduce mycotoxin risk. Cavalor Digest contains the amino acid methionine to support the suggested benefit of supplementing this amino acid during mycotoxicosis. It contains choline chloride, which has a “methionine saving effect” and plays a role in fat metabolism. A variety of herbs as oregano, anise, melissa and cumin have been added to enhance the digestibility of the ration and improve palatability.


Ponies: 30g, Recreational and Sports Horses: 45g, to the daily ration for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Do not use longer than 6 weeks.

Can be followed up with Cavalor Vitaflor 365.

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