Cavalor Bronchix Liquid


Supports the upper respiratory tract in case of coughing due to irritation. Cavalor Bronchix Liquid has a soothing effect while freeing up the airways quickly and efficiently. Restores the horses appetite and activates digestion.

Recommended Dosage: 25ml twice a day via feed for at least 5 days.

Size: 1000ml

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Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is the fastest solution for colds, “stable cough” and congestion. Cavalor Bronchix Liquid also provides nutritional support for opening airways before an intense effort (clears the respiratory tract).

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is a preparation to support respiration. Coughing due to irritation can have a variety of causes: inhaled dust, substances that provoke irritation of the respiratory system, a sudden change in weather conditions or hypersensitivity. Tickling cough is often of a temporary nature, but it is nevertheless annoying and troublesome for the horse. Coughing is a natural reflex, but with Bronchix Cavalor Liquid it can be made more efficient and less annoying to the horse, as the irritant causing the cough will be removed more quickly.


Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is a liquid blend of essential oils known for their expectorant and soothing properties. The composition provides a fast result, which not only makes it easier for the horse to breath but also has a beneficial effect on the entire bronchial system. Cavalor Bronchix Liquid contains a blend of plant extracts, including eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary.


Sprinkle 25ml twice a day over the feed, or dissolve in the drinking water, for a minimum of 5 days.

Cavalor Bronchix Liquid can also be used a few days prior to competition for an optimal respiratory tract condition.

Maximum dose: 100ml per animal per day.

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