At our central base in Suffolk we are fortunate to offer facilities that greatly assist with the saddle selection and fitting process. Many clients do not have their own facilities and prefer to come to us for a saddle fitting to ensure they make absolutely the right choice. This ensures confidence that a number of saddles can be tried within a highly safe environment and peace-of-mind that the investment of a new saddle will be money well spent, ensuring you get the right saddle without any regrets.

Our 20 x 40m indoor arena has the latest wax surface for a smooth, even ride and the short side is mirrored to ensure you can see exactly how you and your horse look in any potential new saddle. Being indoors, it doesn’t matter what the conditions are outside, so you can concentrate on the saddle’s fit, feel, comfort and style rather that rushing to beat inclement weather conditions.

Outdoors we also have a large 25 x 60m school, which again is mirrored down the short side. It also accommodates a set of jumps for you to use when trying out any saddle, safe in the knowledge that you and your horse are in a safe and secure environment.


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