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Fitting Service

Fitting Service


European Saddles are approved and authorised Amerigo and Equipe saddle fitters.

We offer a fully insured, personal and professional service, and for just £75 we can visit nationwide to check your existing saddle or fit for a replacement.


What does a Saddle Fit include?

  • My undiveded attention and time to find the best saddle for horse and rider.
  • Travelling to you with a full range of demo saddles and a good selection of pre-owned saddles.
  • Measuring, templating and assessing your horses condition.
  • Assessing which models will suit and select saddles for you to ride in.
  • Decide whether we have the best saddle to suit you and your horse or whether alterations and customisations are necessary.
  • Measure you as a rider, to adapt the bloacks and flaps to best suit you.
  • If I have a saddle in stock that suits both you and rider then this can be purchased or if you need a saddle that is not in stock this can be ordered and adapted to best suit both horse and rider.
  • If a new saddle is purchased there is no saddle fit charge, but a deposit will need to be taken to process the order.

What does a Saddle Check include?

  • We recommend having your saddle checked every six months. If a new saddle is purchased from us you are entitled to one free check within six months of purchase.
  • Measuring, templating and assessing your horse condition.
  • If we have fitted for you before, we will compare the new template against the inital templates.
  • Check the horse for any soreness or tenderness.
  • Discuss how you are getting on with your current saddle - what is working for you and if there are any issues.
  • See the saddle on the horse and ridden in if necessary.
  • Taken any actions to improve the saddle if necessary (additional costs may be involved).
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