Expect excellence

In our previous blogs we looked at the importance of having a professionally fitted saddle and how to know when your saddle may need looking at, so now it’s time to explain just what to expect from a visit!

Saddle fitting

During a saddle fitting, we spend as much time as needed to find the best saddle for you and your horse. First, we will assess your horse’s overall condition, measuring and templating the back. This will give us an accurate starting point for saddle widths and lengths, enabling us to narrow down our range of saddle models.

After this, we’ll discuss your needs and wants from your new saddle, and select saddles for you to ride in. Once you’ve tried each one out, we can come to the exciting decision about which suits you and your horse best. With the saddle chosen, we can talk over whether it will need any alterations or if you would like any customisations. We’ll also measure you as a rider to allow us to adapt the blocks and flaps to best suit your needs.

If we have the perfect saddle in stock that suits both you and your horse, it can be purchased and taken home on the same day. If we currently don’t have your saddle in stock, we can order it immediately and have it adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Saddle checking

When having your saddle checked, and you can read more about how often this may be necessary in our previous blog, we will again measure, template and assess your horse’s condition. If we have seen your horse more than once, we will be able to compare the new template against the initial templates and review how your horse may have changed.

Even if your horse doesn’t seem to be displaying any issues relating to saddle fit, we will still check them for any soreness or tenderness to ensure we resolve any problems, no matter how minor, before they escalate.

While the saddle may be a great fit for your horse, it is vital it works for you too. Understanding how the saddle feels when you are in it is vital for us, so we will discuss how you are getting on, which will help us uncover any issues. If necessary, we will assess the saddle on your horse and when ridden.

While we are more than happy to visit premises throughout many parts of the south, the midlands and further afield to check your existing saddle or fit for a replacement, we also offer the opportunity for you to come to us and make full use of our wonderful facilities. We understand that not everyone has access to a full range of facilities, but this shouldn’t mean you need to settle for a saddle you aren’t completely happy with. At our base in central Suffolk, we are fortunate to offer two well maintained arenas to allow you to try out your selected saddles in a safe environment.

Whether we are fitting a new saddle or checking your current saddle, we like to make the most of the time you spend with us. A saddle is a real investment and as such, we provide you with every opportunity to choose the right one for you and your horse.



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