Expect excellence

In our previous blogs we looked at the importance of having a professionally fitted saddle and how to know when your saddle may need looking at, so now it’s time to explain just what to expect from a visit! Saddle fitting During a saddle fitting, we spend as much time as needed to find the…

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Timing is everything

Just as we change shape over the months, our horses also fluctuate both in terms of weight and muscle tone. When it comes to the fit of your saddle, it is much better to stay one step ahead and have it checked on a regular basis – after all preventing problems is far simpler and…

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Understanding design

The saddle is a single piece of equipment used by two athletes simultaneously. It distributes the weight of the rider correctly over the horses back, so the riders centre of gravity becomes one with the horses centre of gravity – and each can comfortably perform to the best of their ability. A saddle needs to…

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Two new additions to the Amerigo saddle collection

Leading Italian saddle brand, Amerigo has added two new models to its portfolio, both designed for horses with short backs. From the wooden tree collection, the Pasubio dressage model and the DJ Largo jumping saddle have been specially created for short coupled horses – where there is limited room for the rider.  Both saddles also have an…

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Innovations and Traditions


As the role of horses has moved from work to sport and leisure, tack design has shifted dramatically from what horses need to what riders desire. We’ve had a look inside the tackroom to see how much has changed over the years. Tack was traditionally designed to fulfil a specific role – with little room…

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